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Terms and conditions: These terms and conditions (“conditions”, “contract”) is between Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning (“we”, “ours”) and you (“user”, “you”, “yours”). This contract specifies the general terms and conditions related to your use for Al-Inma Establishment mobile applications/website and any other items or services (briefly indicated by “mobile applications” or “ services”. Accounts & Membership If you applied an account in mobile applications, you will take full responsibility of all activities or any other events that could be done in that account. Providing fake contact information could cause ending your account. You have to notify us about impermissible actions in your account or violations that go against security. We will not be responsible about any action or omission you have done and the bad consequences taken place on you accordingly. We have a right to hold, block or delete your account (or some parts of it) in case we actually found that you have violated a term of this contract or have behaved or used a continent that affects our good reputation and our well intention. Thefore, if we deleted your account due to above reasons, you don’t have any way to register again in our service. In addition, we have a right to ban your email, mobile number or internet protocol address to prevent you from re-registration. Contract Range Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning is a maintenance establishment that was approved by a lot of companies and factories in the conditioning and electronics fields. The establishment has agreements with such companies to perform maintenance for devices under and out of warranty. It has many well-trained technicians but it takes no responsibility in front of ministry of commerce or other authorities in case the authorized agents don’t supply spare parts. In this case, the user has right to complain to the authority against the authorized agents with no responsibility on Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning. The user of this application is committed to pay all service charges that he has approved after being totally aware that this application leads him to commit in front of the judgment authority of Saudi Arabia and that clicking AGREE button considered an authorized signature. Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning has also right to submit the application documents to judgment authority. The application uses mobile number for record, so when you use the mobile number registered in the ministry of interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is considered as an electronic signature about this contract terms and conditions. Backup We are not responsible about the continent saved in our application. In other words, at any situations, we will not take any responsibility about data loss. You will be responsible of saving backup for your data. However, sometimes we may voluntarily be able to recover some/all lost data and can’t assure your important data could be recoverable. Links of the mobile applications/other websites Though this application/website could be connected to other applications/other websites, it doesn’t mean that we agree, support or belong to such mobile applications, unless clear details about that have been mentioned here. We are not responsible about checking/evaluating such applications and can’t provide warranty for the offers, companies, individuals or their application/websites continent. Meanwhile, we will not take a little responsibility about the actions, products and continent provided by third party. You must carefully review the legal details and other conditions of mobile use which you can access by connecting this mobile application. Connecting to other websites out of this application will be your full responsibility. Advertisement This application enables you to explore and be involved in contact with the advertising people or those who present their products/services or participate through mobile application/website. Such actions, conditions, warranty and commitment related to these actions should between you and the third party. We will never share you the responsibility about communication, purchase or promotion between you and the third party. Prohibited Use As part of this contract, you are not allowed to use mobile application/website or it’s continent for: (A) any illegal purposes; (B) requesting others to implement illegal events or participating in that; (C) violating any local, regional, governmental or international law; (D) violating rules of our or other Intellectual property; (E) harassment, disturbing, insulting, deceiving, frightening, discrimination in terms of sex, religion, ethnic, age, region, regional basis or physical disability; (F) submitting fake/ deceptive information; (G) uploading/transferring viruses or malicious codes that could be used for defecting service function of the mobile applications or internet. (H) gathering or tracing others private information; (1) to the annoying email, crawling or deleting; (I) any obscene/non-moral events; (J) doing tricks against the security features of the application or other mobile related applications/internet. We have full right to stop your use for the service application or any other applications if you committed forbidden events. Intellectual Property Rights This contract and the intellectual property never been transferred from Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning to a third party. All rights, properties and profits (between the two parties) will remain solely with Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning. All brands, services marks, designs and logos that are used in the mobile applications or services are either registered under the ownership of Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning or having license. However, some service marks, designs and logos used for connecting to mobile applications or services could be brands of third parties. Using mobile applications/website and our service never grant you right or permit to reproduce or use such properties of our establishment or other owners. Warranty You acknowledge that when you use mobile applications/websites or our services, it will be your sole responsibility. It means you agree that you use the service (as it is) or (as it is possible). We provide neither explicit not implicit warranty; for example, implicit warranty related to saleability and suitability for a particular target as well as against non-violation. We don’t have warranty if the service will achieve your needs on time, the service will not be interrupted, being secure or having no mistakes. In the same way, we don’t provide warranty about achieved results of the service, if the results are accurate or the information obtained by the service are not trustable as well as no warranty related to fixing service faults. You acknowledge and being aware that any things/data you upload or get during using the service and the risks are all based on your own estimation. Therefore, you will be the one who is responsible about defection on your computer system or data loss due to uploading such things/data. There is also no warranty regarding goods purchased or obtained by the service as well as any dealings integrated within the service. Any oral/written advice or information you get from us or our service has no warranty from our side. Responsibility Limit Up to furthest limit that the law allows and whatever the situations could be, Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning or its partner companies, administrators, employees, agents, suppliers or the authorized people will not be responsible about: (A) indirect, accidental or special results for example harmful effects caused by losing profits, incomes, sales, reputation, use, continent, affecting business actions, work interruption, losing expected savings or losing work opportunities, like contract, harm, warranty, violating laws, carelessness or others; even if you notify Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning about the possibility of such harms occurring or it was expected to happen. Based on the applied law limit, the total responsibility upon Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning and its’ partners, administrators, employees, agents, suppliers and authorized people –concerning service- will just be limited in amount greater than one US Dollar or other amounts you really paid by cash to Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning in the previous month, before the first event has been done and lead to such responsibility. Moreover, the restrictions and exceptions are also applied in case the fairness can’t compensate all losses or missing the main target. Compensation Herewith you acknowledge to compensate Al-Inma first Establishment for conditioning and its’ partner companies, administrators, employees and agents about/against commitments, losses, harms and cost. The compensation also for lawyership legal fees paid by the establishment, or due to allegations, claims, procedures, arguments or other parties’ claims caused by your continent, using mobile applications, your services or any other bad behavior you did. Capability All rights and restrictions in this contract are capable to be applied within the lawful range. This means: the contract should be applied for the needed events and shouldn’t be applied in an illegal or inapplicable way. In case there are some terms or parts in this contract are illegal or inapplicable by a judicial court, so both parties consider other terms/parts of this contract are still valid and agreed. Dispute Settlement This contract form, continent and function and disputes come out from it are subject to the substantive and procedural law of Arar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia based on the rules of dispute that conform to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia law. The place and specialization of such procedures related to the law will be of the states’ courts and the federal courts located in Riyadh in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Then the case is transferred to the personal range in such courts. Based on the waiver, you don’t have rights in a jury trial in any procedure created from this contract. United Nations agreement of international sell contract of goods never conforms to this contract. Appointment You don’t have right to appoint, resell, get sub-license, transfer or authorize to others, partially or completely, any of your rights or commitments based on this contract, unless you have got earlier written approval. That is optional not obligatory from our side. So any transferring will be invalid and cancelled. We are free to assign any of the property rights based on this contract, partially or completely, to any third party as a part of its’ assets or inventory, or a part of integration process. Changes & Modification We reserve rights in modifying this contract or its policies related to mobile applications/websites or their services at any time. That will be valid during publishing an updated copy of this contract in the mobile application. When we apply modification, we will post a notification in this regard in our mobile applications. By your continuous use of the mobile applications after applying changes is considered to be agreement from your side. These Terms Acceptance You acknowledge that you have read this contract and agree about all included terms and conditions. By using mobile applications/websites or their services, it means that you agree about the commitment of this contract. In case you don’t agree to fulfill the terms of this contract, you are not allowed to use or log in mobile application and its’ services. Contact us If you have a question about this contract, please call us